Let's put some green in the next federal budget

Renew our commitment to the Species at Risk Act
Photo credit: NOAA's National Ocean Service via Flickr.

The federal government is crunching numbers for the 2013 budget. Now is your chance to tell the government you want your tax dollars to support programs that protect nature.

Recent omnibus budget bills gutted environmental regulations.

But we’re not giving up on democracy.

It’s more important than ever to speak out now. Let’s make sure Canada meets our most basic international commitments to safeguard endangered species, protect ocean habitat and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re not asking for much. The David Suzuki Foundation has worked with the Green Budget Coalition to develop a modest set of federal spending recommendations to help ensure that Canada meets its commitments to keep our environment healthy.

In 2013 let's:

Protect ocean habitat: Provide $65 million annually to help Canada meet its international commitment to protect 10 per cent of our oceans by the year 2020.

Safeguard endangered species: Renew our commitment to the Species at Risk Act and protect our national parks’ ecological integrity by providing $10 million in 2013-14.

Address air pollution and climate change: Redirect the $1.3 billion in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry to clean energy and sustainable transportation.

Please join the thousands of Canadians working to keep democratic debate alive. Share your views on what the federal government should do to provide basic funding to meet Canada’s environmental commitments.


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Accept Green Budget Coalition Recommendations
I urge you to adopt the thoughtful fiscal recommendations made in the Green Budget Coalition’s 2013 proposal. In preparing this report, they carefully studied federal spending and analyzed the benefits of these investments on environmental sustainability. There are four key areas in the Green Budget Coalition’s 2013 report: 1) Reforming subsidies in resource extraction industries 2) Developing a national conservation plan 3) Keeping Canada’s environmental law and science capacity 4) Supporting green infrastructure in First Nations communities I believe these are fiscally responsible suggestions for federal spending that will help Canada meet its commitments to lower greenhouse gas emissions, protect ocean habitat and safeguard endangered species. Without the adequate financial support for environmental policies suggested in the report, Canada will certainly fail to meet its obligations for environmental protections. I am deeply concerned about the recent cuts to federal environmental regulations, cuts that threaten our capacity to keep our air, water and soils clean and healthy for all Canadians. I support a budget that follows the recommendations made by the Green Budget Coalition. I see this as a minimum and necessary step for Canada to keep our natural heritage productive and healthy for future generations.
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